Sliding Patio and French Style Doors

When it comes to choosing a Sliding Patio or French Style Door for your home, there are many choices available today. But what should you look for in a door? Whether you are looking for a Sliding Patio or French Style Door you want to consider the door's style and how it is manufactured.


The style of the door you choose can have an impact on your home's appearance. Is your home more traditional, modern? Do you want a wood, vinyl or aluminum door? Should you have grills on your door and if so, what style of grills? Do you want sidelites? Toplites? What is the hardware finish - nickel? Solid brass? Chrome?

The Patio Door Style features a more typical look with a narrower look allowing more visible glass. This allows the most visible light making your home brighter and can be viewed as a more modern. The French Style features wider sash stiles and rails for a more traditional look and feel to your home.


How a door is manufactured plays a significant part in the quality of the door and its energy efficiency. Does the manufacturing include glass with Low-E glass and Argon Gas? What are the door's ratings for Air Tightness? Water Tightness? Wind Resistance? What technology is used to seal the glass in the door? How is the door's frame manufactured - is it welded? Reinforced?

NEW EnduraView Patio Door System from Nationyl Vinyl is a highly efficient door product, featuring SUNshield Technology. SUNshield is an advanced material developed through an intensive manufacturing process and formulated to withstand the harsh effects of weather and ultraviolet light. This environmentally safe compound exceeds all required material standards for strength. The EnduraView Patio Door System is available in several color choices, grid patterns & styles, several door sizes and operations. Details of the EnduraView Patio Door System.

National Vinyl offers the 300 and 500 Series Sliding Patio through our partner Resiver.

The 300 and 500 Series Sliding Patio doors as well as the 370 French Sliding door can be purchased in standard sizes or be custom made to your specifications. When choosing options you can select how the door operates (fixed and open door panel options), specify the color, choose the glass and frame (vinyl clad wood, or vinyl) and determine the grid style and hardware.

National Vinyl can discuss Sliding Patio and French Style Door options to help you choose the right door for your home.

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