Swing French Style Doors

Commonly referred to as Garden Doors, swing French Style Doors are double doors that open in-to or out-of a room. Similar in size, manufacturing and required maintenance as a Patio or Sliding Glass Door swing French Style Doors offer a slightly different look and functionality than the sliding glass door.

As is with sliding glass doors , when looking for a Swing French Style Door, you want to consider both the door's style and how it is manufactured.


French Style Doors are traditionally thought of as a classic versus modern style door. With a French Style Door you will typically have options for the grill style and color. You will also typically have options for the door hardware - brass, nickel, and chrome just to name a few.


How a door is manufactured plays a significant part in the quality of the door and its energy efficiency. Does the manufacturing include glass with Low-E glass and Argon Gas? What are the door's ratings for Air Tightness? Water Tightness? Wind Resistance? What technology is used to seal the glass in the door? How is the door's frame manufactured – is it welded? Reinforced?

National Vinyl offers the 1600 Series Swing French Style Door through our partner Resiver.

The R-1600 can be made in almost any configuration, from in-swing to out-swing, from single swing to double swing. The R-1600 French Style Doors also offer a wide variety of options for grids - Georgian and Rectangular styled grids – and, a variety of frame colors and hardware choices. The 1600 Series also features a full length "piano hinge" which attaches the full height of the operable panel to either the fixed panel or jamb. This allows for years of effortless operation and limits the chance for sagging which occurs with most other vinyl swing doors on the market.

National Vinyl will be happy to discuss Swing French Style Door options with you to choose the right door for your home.

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