Wood Windows

One of the first decisions homeowners make when replacing window is to determine the material of the windows. Choices include both vinyl and wood – for new construction and for replacement window projects. Wood windows can add natural beauty to a home that can only come from the grain of the wood itself.

Interior and Exterior Wood Windows provide a cohesive natural wood aesthetic both inside and outside a home. Whether the natural wood is then stained or painted, the wood window can enhance a home's beauty. In addition to Vinyl Windows, National Vinyl offers interior and exterior wood windows for both new construction and replacement window projects. Contact National Vinyl [link to Contact page] for available wood window options.

Interior Wood and Aluminum Clad Exterior Windows combines the beauty of natural wood on the interior with a maintenance free cladding of aluminum on the exterior. Homeowners appreciate the aesthetic of the wood interior and appreciate the benefits of having a maintenance-free exterior. National Vinyl offers interior wood and aluminum clad exterior windows. Contact National Vinyl for more details and available options.

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